Monday, April 11, 2011

Disaster Description

It all happened on August 6 and 8 of 1945 during the final stages of WWII. The United States sent an Ultimatum to the emperor of Japan telling them that if they did not surrender, they would attack. Japan refused to surrender and so, the USA attacked with two bombs, Enola Gay and Little Boy.
The first bomb was thrown in Hiroshima on August 6 at 8:15 am. Those who were closer the hypocenter were killed and very few were severely injured. The ones who were close to the hypocenter and killed were turned into dust in seconds and their bodies left a stain on the ground.
The city turned black right away with smoke and ashes. The city was on fire, buildings had collapsed, and it was like living in hell. The sun couldn’t be seen, for the sky had turned gray with all the smoke of the atomic bomb. People were crying out loud for help. Every single way in which you turned you could see dead people.
People that had been severely injured had loose skin that hung down; others had no hair or eyeballs. Millions were killed in an instant, many others survived and died hours or days later, others died months or years later due the effects of being exposed to radiation, and few survived.
Many people that were exposed to radiation got sick. Some got cancer like leukemia, others got some other diseases. For many years radiation was passed throughout generations. Many babies were born with defects due to radiation exposure. Those few people that survived and reproduced had children with three eyes or no mouths and many other things that were seen among those babies that had parents that were exposed to radiation. This was seen for several years after the atomic bombing.

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