Monday, April 11, 2011


The atomic bomb explosion on Hiroshima was on 1945.

Fashion in the 1940´s: Women had their eyebrows very thin and defined. They painted with lipstick their upper lip very accentuated and it was called ¨Cupids bow”.
Children in that time took the same subjects as the ones now. Reading, spelling, math and geography are some of them. However, the classrooms were different. The desks were all separated so the students wouldn´t talk, and the chairs were bonded to the floor in straight lines. Teachers were very strict. Everything was more orderly, when recess time came, everyone would march out their classrooms. Children would go to school riding their bicycle or walking, and mostly boys and girls played on separate playgrounds. They learned about what was going on like the war, and tried to help as much as they could by recycling old rubber tires and metals to make new weapons.   Children didn´t have money to spend so they learned how to take care of their books and other belongings.
In that time, Hollywood started to produce many movies that became war-time favorites. Major movie studio profits grew to record levels. There were technological improvements in the sound recordings, the lighting, and special effects. Hollywood was dominating the entertainment industry, but the television was developing very fast.
The 1940´s is the decade known as ¨The Decade of War¨. It was a time when mostly everything someone heard had something to do with killing and blood. Yet, there were many interesting sports and games. When the war was over, there were many marriages.

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